Foshan chancheng HengRiSheng plastic electronic equipment factoryis (the original foshan's new factory) is a professional production manufacturer of transformer, specializing in the production of high grade ring type transformer, party type transformer, audio transformer. Widely used in home appliances, professional acoustics, hutch defends appliances, stage lighting, welding machine and mechanical control, lighting, instrument, UPS power supply, battery charger, communication equipment, cable TV equipment and other industries. For more than 1000 manufacturers at home and abroad to provide high quality and reasonable price products, and deeply user communities praise and praise.

    With solid technical strength, among them many undergraduates in foreign capital group company level engineers work DuoNian, rich experience and technology exquisite, who knew UL, TUV, CE and other countries and regions safety law, provide for the customer or solve about transformer used or circuit cohesion of the engineering technical problems during. In recent years, continuous improvement, buying new technology advanced equipment, with mass production ability. Our factory overall development steady "not the best, but beg better, is committed to providing zero defect product"; And a perfect quality management system, and through the CQC, ROSH. The authentication. According to the principle of equality mutual, the principle of common development with all new and old customers in the same storm-tossed boat, create beautiful tomorrow, welcome various professionals to call cooperation talks business!

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